Oct 19, 2008



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I forgot today's (in my case, since it's 3.50am now, yesterday) date is October 19, which marks our 20 months together! Yeah we count our months, hehe. We still count our years, but we'll have to wait for 4 more months to reach 2 years. I can't believe it, honestly. And he's always the one who remembers it. He called me this evening & we talked for so long, reminiscing some sweet memories. I can still remember everything he said, hehe...

A little about him. This guy is so traditional. He doesn't have a Friendster or Facebook, rarely surfs the internet, doesn't care about emails, yahoo messenger, let alone photography! That's why I don't have any good pictures of him in my laptop. All are pixelated when resized coz they're taken using his camera phone. But it's better than nothing, right?


- She's So Sophisticated by Scarletheels (available at ScrapOrchard)
- "HOPE" wordart & red flower from The Greatest Of These by Krystal Hartley
(available at FaithSisters)
- Sketch by Pagemaps (altered)



Hi Z! (again LOL) To tell you the truth, me and my hubby count 'months' of being together too and call it our monthsary instead of our anniversary :) I just love hearing/reading about people being so in love :)


Awww, me too!! LOL! But he's the one who started counting our 'monthsary' - love that word btw! Too sweet :)

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