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Happy Chinese New Year!

Wow, when was the last time I blogged again? Looks like I've been busy, huh? LOL.

I'm at a restaurant now, just had dinner with my sister. We're both in Lumut again. Just arrived here at around 12 noon. It was so tiring, but thank God the traffic wasn't heavy. There weren't much trucks either today.

I'm so looking forward to this weekend. We're going to Pangkor Island!! I'm soooooo excited about this. I bring my camera along so while she's working, I'll be sightseeing and taking photos. I really can't wait for the weekend to come.

Oh anyway, I actually have a freebie to share with you today, but my laptop is in a critical state so I'll post it later. To those who had posted messages in the chatbox, thank you so much. Keep posting coz I love reading them, hehe :)

Last but not least, happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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Please Donate for Gaza!




Let's all contribute something to help the people in Gaza. For Malaysians, we can do so by contributing to the NSTP Fund for Gaza:


- Bank in / transfer money to Maybank account number 514105-320501 under the name "NSTP Fund for Gaza";
- Write cheques made payable to The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd with the words "Fund for Gaza" written on the reverse side and send to NSTP, Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur; or
- Make cash donations to the cashier at NSTP, Balai Berita, 31 Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur or any of the NSTP branch offices nationwide.




1. http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Wednesday/Frontpage/2446054/Article/index_html

2. http://www.maybank2u.com.my/mbb_info/m2u/public/personalDetail04.do?channelId=&cntTypeId=1&cntKey=HL09.01.07&programId=HI-Highlights&newsCatId=/mbb/Highlights/2009/01&bp=1&chCatId=/mbb/Personal


*According to today's News Straits Times, the fund now is at RM585,680. Come on, TOGETHER WE CAN ALL  MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



This is not a religious or political issue. This is a BRUTAL CRIME to innocent people. Imagine thousands of people lost their families because of the Zionists' brutality & ego. Kids lost their parents everyday. All of their human rights taken away from them. Their COUNTRY is INVADED. They lost their homes. And all this is done right in front of our eyes. It's too much. We should all put an end to this. We can't just sit down and do nothing. Coz WE CAN DO SOMETHING.

Please pray for justice in Palestine. Please. This issue is beyond religious & political views.



Please spread the words to your friends & family.








I'm in the middle of packing... one big bag, one laptop bag & a handbag.


Guess where I'm going?





And I'm taking this Mr. with me too :)



I'll let you know when I arrive. That is, if I'll get internet connection there.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some new stuff in my room.





Happy New Year!



Happy New Year everyone!


Let's welcome 2009 with prayers & hope :)


Have a great weekend y'all!