Happy Holidays! And a little giftie for everyone :)



It's already Friday morning here but I hope it's not too late to wish all of my Christian friends a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


To make this festive season even sweeter, I have a little coupon for everyone! Enjoy $2 off on your next purchase at my store (and you can still get the For Her kit free - if your purchase is worth $10 or more - you can apply this code and still get $2 off!) by using this coupon code upon checkout:



This coupon is good till January 31, so you can save it in your computer and use it later! But, of course you can always use it NOW :)



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Oh btw, I really did crash the mall last weekend, but you know what I got myself? Lots of cushions & cushion covers, a new pillow, and a Clinique Happy Heart perfume. I almost bought some new fabrics too - Chinese silk - they're so BEAUTIFUL! And OMG so cheap too! But my sister told me not to buy them because it was obvious I was drooling over them and I wasn't using my brain at all at that time, LOL! And MNG is having a really huge sale this week. I don't know if I can go to the mall this weekend for some clothes shopping (I need some new pants) coz I've promised to my sister that we'll go shopping for some room decoration stuff together. Perhaps I could sneak-shopping, KWIM, but I'd be really broke by January. I've spent a lot of money this month. WAY over my non-existent budget. I even got some financial-related books, but haven't got the chance to read them yet. I think I should start reading them very soon. I should save myself from being an impulse shopper. *sigh*


Anyway, hope you have a great time with your family! It's my mother's birthday every Christmas (December 25), but we didn't have fancy food today. My eldest sister is in the UK and my eldest brother is on honeymoon in New Zealand. Not much fun if we have fancy food without them. Maybe next year :)


Happy holidays everyone!

The MEGA Mega Sale!



Starting from December 24th, all the Scrap Orchard's "Mixed Fruit" Megas will be $3 AND if you buy 2 you get 1 free!!



Mark your calendars, ladies! This is the time to stock up on the mega goodies!

"Beat the Blues" freebie!!


I promised you a freebie for today, didn't I? Well, here it is, the "Beat the Blues" paper pack - FREE for you till Sunday midnight!






I'm planning to crash the malls this weekend coz there's some awesome sales going on. Seriously. I even saw a bag from Sembonia which I dreamt about last night, which means I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Some gorgeous sandals from Nine West too. Oh gosh I can hardly wait for Saturday!


Happy days to you!

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CT Layouts with Girly Girl



Some eye candies from my CT and the Orchard CT girls using my new collab kit with B.C.D., Girly Girl:











Get the kit here! It's on sale till Thursday!

Sale extended - till Sunday!!



35% off on everything!




And I'm off to IKEA now!! Yipppeeeeee!!!!!!!

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Hurry up to my store coz everything (except collabs & December grab bag contents) is 50% OFF! Today only! Quick!!


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Enjoy your Friday! I'll be back soon with some layouts :D

A Delightful freebie alert!



I was reading my Google Reader and found this fabulous free gift tags from Delight.com:



Thanks so much Delight!


*image courtesy of Creature Comforts.

CT Layouts with my grab bag



Here are some layouts from my CT using my December Grab Bag:



Aren't they all lovely?



Oh, by the way, have you checked out the new designers at Scrap Orchard - Lauraskathi and Ashalee Wall? They have gorgeous new stuff at the store, and Lauraskathi is celebrating with 50% sale at her store. Go check them out!


My favorite stuff of Ashalee is her new kit, Recycle:


And my favorite stuff of Lauraskathi is this modern & feminine kit, Bettina (on sale for 50% off):




Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Yummy - chocolate truffles!!


Did you expect to see some photos of home-made truffles? LOL - sorry, I don't have any! But I'm so excited to share with you a website I just discovered while searching for some chocolate truffles recipes - the ExpertVillage.com.


Here's a series of videos by Lauren Taylor showing step-by-step to making your own choco truffles. Oh btw, you can find my profile there - of course it's zakirahzakaria as usual. See, I'm not creative with names!


Oh anyway, I want to try my hands at making truffles now. My mum & sister just got back from New Zealand and they brought home some nice kiwi truffles - so delicious. What I wanted to try my hands at is something simpler for a beginner like me - chocolate truffles, for example - perhaps not so simple after all, but I think it's worth trying. My mum's birthday is coming this December 25 and it'll be nice if we have something out of the usual things to savour on that day, isn't it?


So now, apart from learning to make truffles, I'm also in the middle of re-designing my room (the one I'm sharing with my elder sis). We both agree that it's time we try our hands at making our room looks like something in the Domino book. I know, sounds ambitious, LOL, but hey, why not? We're not gonna paint the walls, buy a chandelier. Rather, we're gonna put some life to our current furniture, namely our white drawers, cupboards. We're also gonna buy new curtains for our windows. The one we have now is a little too heavy and doesn't look light to the eyes. Our palette is a mix of neutral and zesty colours.


I wish I could share some photos but I'm short of time at the moment, so I hope I'll be able to be back with some photos.


Oh, meanwhile, the "free-w/$10-purchase" offer is now on at my store! It's running the whole month, so don't rush (but do take the opportunity - *wink*). Oh wait, I'm supposed to make you go crazy and immediately go to the store and fill your carts up. Why did I not think of that earlier? Oh ok, don't miss this opportunity, ladies, coz next month it's gonna be over and there'll be a new gorgeous kit for your $10 purchase!


For this month, you'll get this "super-modern, super-chic" kit when you spend $10 or more in my store:


Oh, and did I mention that you'll get a special savings coupon in your inbox when you purchase $5 or more? Don't you just LOVE shopping? I know I do! I just blew up my savings account last Monday on a DKNY top and skincare. It was on sale, how could a girl resist such thing. Thank God I have my own money now. Or else, I'd feel so guilty for spending my dad's money on such thing!


There's still one thing that's haunting me now though - a beautiful handbag I saw at two malls but it's so expensive, I know I have to wait for a sale somehow. It's a new arrival though so it'll be next year till I can get my hands on it. It's so embarrassing, but I've seen it since the last 3 weeks and I still can't get it out of my heads. I think a lot of people hate it because of the brand, so I won't take the risk of mentioning it here, LOL. Even if I will, I'll show the picture instead of mentioning the brand!




Have a great weekend y'all! Don't blow up your credit cards! Spend wisely this holiday season ;)

What's in store for you this month?



I have to admit that I've cooked up a lot of exciting things for you this month, what's with the festive mood I'm getting in, the crazy sales here in Malaysia, and my mother's birthday on Christmas day. I don't know where to start, but here's a little breakdown of what's in store for you this month :)




Dec. 1-14: Matahati Designs' December grab bag released

Dec. 5: December's "Free w/$10 Purchase" offer begins

Dec. 12: "12 Days of Christmas" sale; blog freebie

Dec. 14: A new kit at only $3 (one day only; w/coupon inside)

Dec. 15: December Grab Bag revealed

Dec. 19: Blog freebie

Dec 31: Savings coupon & "Free w/$10 Purchase" offer ends



So mark your calendars because some of these events only last for ONE day only! I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss them!


So, to begin with, here's my second grab bag ever (after my August grab bag) - the December Grab Bag:



If you want a sneak peek of what's inside, check out TheDailyScrapper's Christmas Edition and look for this image:


I'll be back tomorrow with some gorgeous layouts from my CT girls using my grab bag.



Have a splendid week, everyone! 

RAK Challenge #2 posted!



See you in the forum!!


p/s: ad made with my upcoming grab bag ;)

Fever...and some things to share!


Hey guys, how are you doing? Me, not so good. I've been having this fever for 3 days. What scares me is that my eldest sister is now having the dengue fever. She found it out early and went to the doctor as soon as she found out about it, and her dengue fever is not serious so she's not hospitalized at the moment. But she's really ill (poor her) and I'm quite worried too. Let's hope that mine is just the normal fever...


Anyway, I haven't been checking my email for a few days now. I know there'll be a lot of work-related emails and I'm not really fit for that at the moment, so I'll let my inbox get full first and I'll do the catching-up game when I feel better.


I've been reading my Google Reader today and I have a lot to share.


1. First of all, have you heard of Anahata Katkin? She's a great artist and sells a lot of artistic journals, art prints, postcards, stationery sets, etc etc.

I fall in love with her 2009 "Life in Progress" Weekly Planner:


And her Holiday cards are so lovely:



2. I found this precious blog thru Aggie and I must say that this is one blog I'm adding to my Google Reader! I checked her Free Projects and I'm dying to try this one out:  I Have To Confess.

A very interesting project which I think I might end up with a mini-book about myself. Anyone wants to join me? :D


3. Sometimes I know I want to scrapbook about something but I just feel at lost. Today I stumbled upon this Journaling Junkie blog through Vicki Boutin's blog and I'm adding it to my Scrapping Ideas bookmark folder. Love their journaling prompts.



Last but not least. I have a few things to be done by the end of November. A few things related to my brother's reception on November 30th, a few things related to Black Friday events at Scrap Orchard, and a few things related to graphic design work (yup, I'm freelancing!). Boy, thinking of those gave me headache.

My brother asked me to do something for his reception but I only got the items last-minute. Dad asked me to make some shortbreads for the family's high-tea on the evening before the reception. I need to start making them tomorrow. I'm also gonna play an unimportant role during the reception which involves the stage. Now I feel overwhelmed with all these. It's flattering that dad likes my shortbread so much that he wants me to make some for the high-tea that evening. I couldn't say no coz I felt so honoured. Plus, it's dad. There's no way I'm gonna say no. It's just that, I don't feel capable of making them now. I hope I'll feel much better tomorrow so I can finish whatever I need to finish. It looks like a lot now, but think I can do it.


Sorry for rambling a lot today.. I just felt like I need to write it all down.


BTW, today's the last day of my BF's final exam. I'm so happy. I've been neglected for a few weeks now & I can't wait to spill out my stories to him.


You take care :)

**new** Scenes d'Hiver - collab with Faith True!


I think this is the best Friday EVER. Not only because I have a new kit out myself, but the other Orchard girls are having a lot of AMAZING new releases too - go check 'em out!


So the mystery designer that I worked with is none other than the amazing & talented FAITH TRUE!! We made a kit called Scenes d'Hiver, full of sparkle and beauties, and is on sale for 20% off the whole week :)






Check out the coordinating Quickpage Album too, also on sale for 20% off. There are 12 quickpages in it - and if that's not enough to help you get scrapping, there's a special something coming next week so stay tuned :)




I also made a matching Add-on! Check it out, and like the other two, this add-on is also on sale:




Both of our CT have been working hard with the kit, and boy, aren't they all stunning?


























(These layouts are made by my CT, Faith's CT, Scrap Orchard CT and ShabbyPickleDesigns' CT - that's a whole lot a talented ladies! Thanks so much, guys!)



I scrapped with the kit too! Here's my layout with it (photo of my brother's wedding - love that precious photo):




I love the composition so much, so I turned it into a template. And hey, why not share the love with you?


You can grab the template HERE.


Feel free to use it on your layout! Hope you like it as much as I do, heeheehee