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First time meeting up with the girls!!


**WARNING -- image heavy!**


This is old news but still a news, lol!


So last month I went to meet Jessy, Sya, Emi (yup, Emi came to Malaysia!!!) & Novita at KLCC. It's my FIRST TIME meeting digi friends in real life, and I was like, urm, shy?? Heheheeee.


Anyway, it's really great to meet the real people!! I couldn't believe it myself, I was like, "Wow, I'm meeting these girls for real!!!".


Here's some photos we managed to shoot, lol!:



Sya & I



Emi & Sya



Jessy & Emi




Emi & I




Novita & Emi




Emi & Jessy




My cake (yes, I bake!!!)




And Jessy made us each a mini book. It's sooo CUTE!! I love, love it so much!! Here's mine with my initials :)







Love the bling!! Thanks so much Jessy!


Jessy is seriously making me wanting to try paper scrapping. I WANT WANT to touch the papers, cut them, paste them, embellish, place photos, journaling....aaaaaah, what a therapy! Digi is sure fun but I totally miss the joy of touching papers.... I LOVE PAPERS!!


I've been stalking these blogs and *hopefully* when I'm rational enough, I'd get my first ever paper scrapping gears.

Red Velvet Kit club

Maya Road

Leah Fhung

I Inspire Me

Sasha Farina

Patti Hutch's  sketch blog out guys, I might 'convert' into paper scrapping! But I know I'd NEVER leave digi. I love digi but I fall in love with paper too. I love both :)


Anyway, I'm feeling A LOT better today. Very inspired too! Now I can get back to designing & scrapping (for a very special 'event', lol - as promised yesterday, will tell you about it later).


Oh, can you believe it THURSDAY already? My, how time flies... I'd better get to work now or I'd be blog hopping & get lost in the world wide web!


Have a great week!

Some personal stuff..and inspiration


This year is by far the most challenging year for's like everything seems to fall apart right in front of my eyes. EVERYTHING. My dreams, my hopes. It's like, there's nothing left for me, except to keep hoping. Though I tried & I tried. But nothing works. Makes me frustrated & at times I feel like I just want to let go of everything. No more trying, no more hoping, no more efforts. No more nothing. I'm too frustrated & disappointed to continue. Tired. Not too keen anymore to try. I've tried enough & I've had enough. Of rudeness, evil. I've tolerated, been nice, even taught her a few tricks for Photoshop. What she gave back to me were her classic evilness, sharp words, smirks & more smirks & smirks & smirks & endless smirks. She's EVIL. I tell you, she's not even like a sister. Yet she's my sister. Oh no, I'm trapped with this evil spirit in this house.


Yes, I'm talking about my EVIL sister. On the 10th day of Ramadhan. The holy month.


Goodness. Whatever is happening to me. Backbiting my EVIL sister in this holy month. Oh, at least I have an excuse. She hurts me with her smirks & smirks & smirks & more smirks yesterday when we were breaking our fast, and even more today during sahur. That's reasonable enough for me. I'm the victim.



There, I feel better now coz I've let go of it. PHEEEEEEW.


Now let's talk inspiration. I've been blog-hopping these days mainly because I'm on an inspiration dry-spell, and found these great projects at the Pinefeather blog (images are courtesy of Heather Nichols of the Pinefeather blog):


Photo canvas project



Rustic branches envelope book




And I find this interior shot by James Merrill inspirational for my next layout (which is gonna be a special one for me - will tell you about it later):

image courtesy of Design Sponge, via, via graphic exchange.



That's all for today. Happy fasting to my fellow Muslim friends & have a great week :)

New to digiscrapping?


Here's an opportunity to start learning! Head to Digiscrap101 now!! Kayla Lamoreaux is offering a great opportunity for you to learn the basics to digiscrapping!


Hurry up, there's only 20 places provided!

Ogos 2008



I wanted to start working on a new collab kit with a secret designer (hehe) but ended up scrapping instead. Today I'm a CT member & not a designer, lol!



{ credits: Don't Stop The Summer by Fotosusu (available @TTS) }


Don't Stop the Summer by Fotosusu:

I love, love this kit. There are so many elements, I wanted to use them all!