Wedding photos to share :)



I'm so happy for my brother - he's now a married man! My sister-in-law looked stunning & beautiful on their wedding day. I ADORE HER! She's so sweet & she's already like a sister to us. I love her :)


Here are a few photos that I took on that day, 08/11/08:








My favorite photo of them together (please excuse the bad lighting; I'll get  a speedlight a.s.a.p):




I scrapped 2 layouts today! What an accomplishment! :D



{ everything by O.N. Designs @ ScrapbookGraphics }

- Kit No. 17 - Tiny Patch Alpha - Old Paper Overlays -




{ New Day kit by Sabrina Dupre }



I can't wait for tomorrow's reception! My family's gonna wear pink outfits tomorrow. We have them all and I just need to iron them :D


Oh, and can you believe it's Friday today??? Oh my, how time flies...