Seedlings! Oooo Seedlings!!


The news that I've been dying to tell you....



Did you see my name??? The one at the bottom-est?? Heheheeee, I can't believe I'm in this intern team at Scrap Orchard with these 4 fabulous ladies! This is so exciting!! Do check out our first collab as interns, Boys of Summer:




Grab it now at 20% off and you'll get the brag book set for FREE!!!!



Hey, don't walk to the market...RUN!! You don't want to miss this!! Fantastic offer that you shouldn't miss!!


Ok, exciting news aside, I wanna share my new layouts:

pantai2{ credits } featuring Scrap Shanty's July sponsor, Amy Hutchinson. kit: Berry Me In The Sand by Amy Hutchinson.

mothersdaycelebrate{ credits } - by Britt-ish Designs: background paper, scratchy frame, gift box, white frame from It's Christmas Time In The City; ribbon, flowers, leaf, fairy dust, button, brad from Sprite (collab with Erica Zane); ornate journal spot, glitter swirl, black paper from Just Married; black tab from Tabby Dates; template for Tuesday Template challenge July 1. - by Ellie Lash: white sparklies from Fairy Trails; journal paper frame from Go Glitter Journal Frames; doodled border from Bright Borders Colored Doodles. - by Matahati: leaves, pink ribbon from Ever After. - by Andilynn Designs: 'm' alpha from Little Lovebirds.

crinklyeyes{ credits } B-side collab kit by Paislee Press & TaylorMade Designs. Kinda Stuck Vol. 3 - Frame Stickers. Peaches & Regalias - the full kit. All by TaylorMade Desigs (available@Oscraps).


More layouts & news { hopefully } tomorrow!!

What a crazy week...


I can hardly catch my breath! So many things to be done, so little time. I'm having my creative block since yesterday. I took about 3-4 hours to finish ONE layout!!! Crazy, isn't it? I'll show you the layout later. Not particularly a creative one, but I started the layout without my mojo and when I thought I'm done with it. everything seemed so out of place and suddenly it looked so ugly! So I changed everything. I used the same pictures but everything else is totally different from the original.


There's gonna be lots of exciting things going on in the near future. I can't tell ya yet, hehe. It's a SECRET. Shhhh...... I have some more new stuff to share too. Layouts and some news. And oh, I'll announce my first ever creative team this weekend, so STAY TUNED!!


So many exciting things, so little energy. Haha. Nahhhh...just feeling a little tired with all the new things going on around me. I'm actually writing this at 5.21am, can you believe it??? I can't even sleep, lol. I hope next week will be more sane for me. Can't wait for that.

Gotta have to tell you this!


Ooooh I'm super duper excited today!! If you drop by at the Shanty quick enough (by July 6), you should go and sign up for the Ultimate Recipe Showdown Contest!!!!! Go now, quick!! Check out the info first here, and then sign up here. And don't forget the blinkie!!!!!


I really hope you'll play along! It's gonna be super fun! There'll be one Ultimate Recipe Diva to be crowned at the end of the contest!!! Ooooh, just imagine that! Now go and sign up! You DON'T want to miss it!!

Saturday Special at ScrapMatters blog


Katie is hosting this week's Saturday Special challenge. You can check out SM blog to read about the challenge. Here's a layout I made for the challenge:



credits: Sprite by Britt-ish Designs & Erica Zane; Happiest Dots on Earth; Tabby Dates; all by Britt-ish Designs.


I might release a new kit some time soon, perhaps next weekend. I have an idea but something just happened in real life (but it's OK now, :D ), so I didn't work on anything. I promise I'll get started tonight. Actually last night I couldn't sleep, I got stomachache very bad, I kept 'checking in' to the toilet every minute I got back to bed, haha. It felt like my stomach was being pulled in and out and spinned. Urgh. Finally I slept without knowing what time it was, and by the time I woke up, it was already 10am.


It's hazy today. I can smell like something was burnt outside. The sky isn't so lovely. Very gray. And I can hear the thunder. The wind is quite strong. My mum and sisters went to KL. I stayed here with my younger brother and sister. They're both playing on the computers. I actually planned to go picnic-ing  with them this evening by the lake. Sandwich and lemonade and some leftovers from yesterday's party we had for Dad's birthday. But with this weather it seems impossible, I think.


So what are you doing this weekend? Share with me! Maybe you'd give me some ideas to do. Oh, I haven't put my dirty clothes in the washing machine yet. Maybe I'll wash the kitchen afterwards, and the toilet too. Gotta do some de-cluttering!!


Anyway, I'm feeling a little sneaky today, so here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on the past few days:




Have a FAB weekend y'all!!