Fever...and some things to share!


Hey guys, how are you doing? Me, not so good. I've been having this fever for 3 days. What scares me is that my eldest sister is now having the dengue fever. She found it out early and went to the doctor as soon as she found out about it, and her dengue fever is not serious so she's not hospitalized at the moment. But she's really ill (poor her) and I'm quite worried too. Let's hope that mine is just the normal fever...


Anyway, I haven't been checking my email for a few days now. I know there'll be a lot of work-related emails and I'm not really fit for that at the moment, so I'll let my inbox get full first and I'll do the catching-up game when I feel better.


I've been reading my Google Reader today and I have a lot to share.


1. First of all, have you heard of Anahata Katkin? She's a great artist and sells a lot of artistic journals, art prints, postcards, stationery sets, etc etc.

I fall in love with her 2009 "Life in Progress" Weekly Planner:


And her Holiday cards are so lovely:



2. I found this precious blog thru Aggie and I must say that this is one blog I'm adding to my Google Reader! I checked her Free Projects and I'm dying to try this one out:  I Have To Confess.

A very interesting project which I think I might end up with a mini-book about myself. Anyone wants to join me? :D


3. Sometimes I know I want to scrapbook about something but I just feel at lost. Today I stumbled upon this Journaling Junkie blog through Vicki Boutin's blog and I'm adding it to my Scrapping Ideas bookmark folder. Love their journaling prompts.



Last but not least. I have a few things to be done by the end of November. A few things related to my brother's reception on November 30th, a few things related to Black Friday events at Scrap Orchard, and a few things related to graphic design work (yup, I'm freelancing!). Boy, thinking of those gave me headache.

My brother asked me to do something for his reception but I only got the items last-minute. Dad asked me to make some shortbreads for the family's high-tea on the evening before the reception. I need to start making them tomorrow. I'm also gonna play an unimportant role during the reception which involves the stage. Now I feel overwhelmed with all these. It's flattering that dad likes my shortbread so much that he wants me to make some for the high-tea that evening. I couldn't say no coz I felt so honoured. Plus, it's dad. There's no way I'm gonna say no. It's just that, I don't feel capable of making them now. I hope I'll feel much better tomorrow so I can finish whatever I need to finish. It looks like a lot now, but think I can do it.


Sorry for rambling a lot today.. I just felt like I need to write it all down.


BTW, today's the last day of my BF's final exam. I'm so happy. I've been neglected for a few weeks now & I can't wait to spill out my stories to him.


You take care :)



Thanks for sharing all of that with us - wow, you have so much going on right now. I'm sure your fever is just a "normal" one, and you'll feel better soon. Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time... I'm sure everything for your brother's reception will be just fine.

You new kit is wonderful, and I am so looking forward to everything you have planned for December!

Glad to know your BF can pay you some attention now. Take care!


Hi Z, I hope you are feeling better as you read this comment. I know how you feel but I know things will go well. Just take it one step at a time :) Have a great day :) I'm just an email away ;) - Len

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