Layouts & Sneak Peek ;)


It's Sunday morning here. 4:41am to be exact. I have a lot of stuff to finish this weekend & it doesn't look like so much fun :(  Notice my tone is so dull and not excited as usual? Hehe. I'm drained.


I went to meet my old school friends on Friday who are also among my best friends, Asma' and Jannah. I haven't met Jannah ever since we graduated from high school. That's 3 years. I met Asma' last year during a small get-together that we held among a few other friends. We went to Mid Valley, had lunch together at Nando's, talked talked talked, went to MPH and bought some novels, went to Jusco, and then we went to Asma's hostel which is in UM. I met my boyfriend who happened to study there too. It was a short meeting at the hospital which is near his college. Met & chatted for a while at Delifrance. Then I went back to Asma's hostel and took the train home afterwards. It was an exhausting day, traveling from Cyberjaya to KL & vice versa. But nonetheless, I had exciting conversations with my friends that I haven't had for years, ever since I graduated from school. I guess we all have a lot in common, which made it hard for us to stop talking, lol. It brought back a lot of school memories, of hostels & old friends. Aaaah, those innocent times...


Anyway, I've been scrapping a lot this week (but no layouts since Wednesday):


{ credits: Berry Me In The Sand by Amy Hutchinson }



{ credits: Balance is Beautiful by Dawn Inskip }



{ credits: Pieces of Me by Edeline Design }



{ credits: Hidden Secrets by Diamante Designs }



{ credits: My Independence by SHARIng Creations }



And a sneaky peeky of what's coming out tomorrow:




Have a wonderful weekend :)



Love your blog and your layouts are amazing!!!


wow! you're such a wonderful designer love your layouts and style!!!!! beautiful blog and the music is very neat!have a nice week!


Awesome layouts Z! They look great! Wow!

fun fliffy

your Los always elegant and simplicity show all !! love it !!

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