Please welcome my first ever CT!!!


I've received a lot of OUTSTANDING apps & had a difficult time deciding who to pick. Ack!! I hope I won't have to do this again! Instead of 5-7, I picked 9 amazing ladies to join my first ever CT! Congratulations & welcome, ladies!!! 


ct-ad-copy-copyAd created using Ever After & a 'coming soon' kit  ;)



Sya (syapotter) - CT Leader
Jessica (justJess)
Holly (**Holly**)
Wulan (ningwulan)
Len (lenescobar)
Véronique (Miss Lavanillee)
Rona (Rona)
Farha (fliffy)
Sandra (FrkEdwards)


I'm so thrilled to have these talented ladies for my first ever CT!

And thank you so much to everyone who applied!! I've enjoyed looking at your beautiful galleries! It's been a wonderful experience! I really hope you enjoy the little something I made especially for you



Wooohooo! Thank God for Google Reader! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful tool! LOL :)

Thanks Z for choosing me as one your CT. Such an honor and privilege! I'm working on some LO's already and I'm gonna post them soon! Thanks so much and congrats to my fellow CT's! :)

fun fliffy

ello CTs n Z,
thanks for the introduction :)
i love it :)
i can wait to scrap even more :)
thanks for the inspiration :)
thanks for the opportunity :)
~~~ i am so trilled

have a fabulous day everybody !!


Congratulations to all the talented and lucky ladies who made the CT!


Hey Zakirah - I left you a surprise on my blog:


HOhoho, many congrats on your first CT!

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