What a crazy week...


I can hardly catch my breath! So many things to be done, so little time. I'm having my creative block since yesterday. I took about 3-4 hours to finish ONE layout!!! Crazy, isn't it? I'll show you the layout later. Not particularly a creative one, but I started the layout without my mojo and when I thought I'm done with it. everything seemed so out of place and suddenly it looked so ugly! So I changed everything. I used the same pictures but everything else is totally different from the original.


There's gonna be lots of exciting things going on in the near future. I can't tell ya yet, hehe. It's a SECRET. Shhhh...... I have some more new stuff to share too. Layouts and some news. And oh, I'll announce my first ever creative team this weekend, so STAY TUNED!!


So many exciting things, so little energy. Haha. Nahhhh...just feeling a little tired with all the new things going on around me. I'm actually writing this at 5.21am, can you believe it??? I can't even sleep, lol. I hope next week will be more sane for me. Can't wait for that.


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