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Katie is hosting this week's Saturday Special challenge. You can check out SM blog to read about the challenge. Here's a layout I made for the challenge:



credits: Sprite by Britt-ish Designs & Erica Zane; Happiest Dots on Earth; Tabby Dates; all by Britt-ish Designs.


I might release a new kit some time soon, perhaps next weekend. I have an idea but something just happened in real life (but it's OK now, :D ), so I didn't work on anything. I promise I'll get started tonight. Actually last night I couldn't sleep, I got stomachache very bad, I kept 'checking in' to the toilet every minute I got back to bed, haha. It felt like my stomach was being pulled in and out and spinned. Urgh. Finally I slept without knowing what time it was, and by the time I woke up, it was already 10am.


It's hazy today. I can smell like something was burnt outside. The sky isn't so lovely. Very gray. And I can hear the thunder. The wind is quite strong. My mum and sisters went to KL. I stayed here with my younger brother and sister. They're both playing on the computers. I actually planned to go picnic-ing  with them this evening by the lake. Sandwich and lemonade and some leftovers from yesterday's party we had for Dad's birthday. But with this weather it seems impossible, I think.


So what are you doing this weekend? Share with me! Maybe you'd give me some ideas to do. Oh, I haven't put my dirty clothes in the washing machine yet. Maybe I'll wash the kitchen afterwards, and the toilet too. Gotta do some de-cluttering!!


Anyway, I'm feeling a little sneaky today, so here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on the past few days:




Have a FAB weekend y'all!!



all your LO of your gallery are beautiful, I really love your style, all you do is wonderful !
I will probably copy some of your LO cause they inspire me :) :) :)
and your kits seems very beautiful too !
sorry for my poor english,

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