Been working on this kit this past few days, and it's ready to go! But it's got to wait for a couple of days, lol. Anyway, here's a sneak peek:



Promise there's lots of FUN stuff inside!! Honestly I can't wait to see how you guys use it, lol!


Oh BTW, Krista wrote a totally inspirational piece at the SM team blog. It's about how we tell our stories through scrapbooking (honestly I understand MORE about the scrapping after reading it, and I'm MUCH more into it now!). Go check it out, it's perfect if you're stuck for ideas or just feeling uninspired.


Oh, there's one more thing before you go!


I'm gonna be holding a PARTY at my blog and my store this weekend, August 30-31. The reason for the party? It's my country's 51st birthday!!!! Whoohoooo!!!

I'll post more info about it sometime this week, but briefly, there's gonna be a limited-time-only huge sale at my store, new releases, and some freebies just for you!

So make sure you drop by here in a couple days coz you DON'T want to miss it!!!


Till then, take care!!


Hilmi Ramlan

salam zakirah!!

ehh btw.... u have GOT to teach me how to scrap laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i've been seeing ur names all over the scrapping world.. lol

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