Take a deep breath....


I'm quickly trying to catch up now....and I need to take a deep breath..


It's been a pretty crazy day today. I tried to make a list of things that happened today just to find myself hitting the 'delete' key.




Anyway, in case I didn't blog (yes I forgot when did I last blogged) in the past 2 days, I was actually having flu (I think it's flu; I didn't see the doctor) and was bedridden the whole day for 2 days. Couldn't even open my eyes, lol. Now that I feel so much better (but I could hardly take a deep breath - seems like there are millions of stuff to do!) I even baked a cake for my nieces this morning. My nieces are here for the school break for a few days. There are only 2 of them but boy, they're a handful!! Especially the youngest one, Aliaa. She is an attention seeker, ROFL!!


Ok, I'm off to find some peace, do some catching up and sleep. It's 12.35am and I'd better not sleep late yet again!


See ya sometime this week!



YAY! Z I'm sooo glad you're feeling better! *hugs* missed you like crazy!

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