Today I'd like to share the layouts created by the awesome girls in my team.


Do I sound bland now? I'm writing this post at 3.29am so please bear with my bland-ness, lol!


Len (Isn't it spectacular? I LOVE her style!!):


{ using Summer Bling }



Rona ( I love how the greens complement the red dresses. And the girls look so sweet!):


{ using Summer Bling & Journaling Things }



Rona again (I love how she layered the papers and tilted them a wee bit. That adds more realism to the layout!):


{ using Merdeka! }



Sinta (love this white space layout!):curiouskitten

{ using Ever After }



Hasmandka (love her shadow work! And the crumpled paper adds realism to the page!):


{ using It's A Charmed Life }



Magdalena (that photo & quote is PRECIOUS!):


{ using Ever After }



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Till next time! Take care!


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