My youngest sis snapped this photo of me several months ago when we went to Penang. And I made this page a day before Eid. I was feeling really down on that day, everything seemed to fall. After talking to someone, I felt much better, but eventually fell ill on the first day of Eid.

Have you ever thought of how many of your smiles are REAL? Just something that passed my mind when I scrapped that page. How many of our smiles actually reflect true happiness inside our hearts?



layout credits:

(all by Sabrina Dupre):
In My Life - patterned paper, flower foliage, heart card, string
Because of You - note paper, frame, flower sticker, blue buttons
Beyond the Rainbow (collab with Faith True) - brown paper, ribbon, clear blue pocket, blue splats.
alpha from September Song by Rachel Young


Hilmi Ramlan many smiles are really honest.. :)


Most of my smiles are genuine :) I do force some of them sometimes, specially when I am not feeling well. I try not to smile at people I don't really like, or I don't look at them at all. Haha!


I never smile if I don't want,I just can't do that!!
You want to make me sade or what?It's monday morning,it's raining,you want me to go back in bed?That's not a bad idea but I have so much to do!!!
Here just for you a really not real smile :))

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