Welcome to the new girls!

Let's play a little game to celebrate!!

Guess the song that I use for my ringtone

...and if you guess the right song, you'll win a $10 gift cert to my store. If there are more than 1 person guessing the right song, I'll make a random draw to pick the winner.

Oooooooh, awesome right???? Heeeeeeheeee. With MILLIONS of songs out there, I know it's hard to guess which one is it. So here's some clues to help you:

- it's sung by a band of mixed genders.

- the band is quite popular too.

- it's a love song

- the title suggests you to do something healthy

- the song has a slow beat.

- the title of the song only comprises of ONE WORD.

There you go! So guess away!!


Jenna {Sweeet}

Apologize by One Republic featuring Timbaland????


I'm guessing Runaway by The Corrs.


Kille Enna

i'm guessing Fascination by ALPHABEAT

Cathy - bubbiesmamaw

crossing my fingers...

Physical by Alcazar


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