Speed Scrap, layouts and enabling!


We'll be having 2 speed scraps this week at ScrapMatters! Andrea will be hosting both speed scraps, and I'm 110% sure it's gonna be lots and lots of fun!! You can attend either one or both, and there's gonna be participation gifts also. Check out here to see what you'll get for participating. The first speed scrap is on Tuesday 7pm (Pacific time) and Thursday 10 am (Pacific time). You can check out what time will it be at your place here.

I think it's been so long since I last shared my layouts here, isn't it? So here's some of my latest, but not my best (LOL) layouts. Click on the layouts for credits:









Also, have you checked out this awesome collab kit by Fotosusu, Manu and Rikki??



Lastly, my templates giveaway is still running, so make sure you check out the post below! There's also a free template you can snag!

Have a fun day!


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