SBE page planner!

I went to the mall last night and bought this copy of the Scrapbooks etc. 2008 Page Planner.

IMG_1447.jpg picture by zakirahzakaria

So full of inspirations. I can't believe it's just RM9.90! That's like $3 if my conversion is correct.

Anyway, I'm back to blogging! The last time I had a personal blog I neglected it for months. Now I have a new home. Will I be able to keep up? Or, do you think it's better to just blog about ANYTHING here on my 'design' blog?



I'd love to read your personal blog too because I don't just come here for the digi freebies :) But some people would like specific blogs to be just about specific things, so if you think you can keep up with two separate blogs, then it's totally up to you :)


I have that mag too!! And I love SBE cos it's damn cheap, compared to other magazines. Some are RM30++. I would never ever spend that much on one magazine..


Blog it all here.

It's your blog...if they come for the freebies...they get a little extra...and if they come for you, then they get it all...

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