First time meeting up with the girls!!


**WARNING -- image heavy!**


This is old news but still a news, lol!


So last month I went to meet Jessy, Sya, Emi (yup, Emi came to Malaysia!!!) & Novita at KLCC. It's my FIRST TIME meeting digi friends in real life, and I was like, urm, shy?? Heheheeee.


Anyway, it's really great to meet the real people!! I couldn't believe it myself, I was like, "Wow, I'm meeting these girls for real!!!".


Here's some photos we managed to shoot, lol!:



Sya & I



Emi & Sya



Jessy & Emi




Emi & I




Novita & Emi




Emi & Jessy




My cake (yes, I bake!!!)




And Jessy made us each a mini book. It's sooo CUTE!! I love, love it so much!! Here's mine with my initials :)







Love the bling!! Thanks so much Jessy!


Jessy is seriously making me wanting to try paper scrapping. I WANT WANT to touch the papers, cut them, paste them, embellish, place photos, journaling....aaaaaah, what a therapy! Digi is sure fun but I totally miss the joy of touching papers.... I LOVE PAPERS!!


I've been stalking these blogs and *hopefully* when I'm rational enough, I'd get my first ever paper scrapping gears.

Red Velvet Kit club

Maya Road

Leah Fhung

I Inspire Me

Sasha Farina

Patti Hutch's  sketch blog out guys, I might 'convert' into paper scrapping! But I know I'd NEVER leave digi. I love digi but I fall in love with paper too. I love both :)


Anyway, I'm feeling A LOT better today. Very inspired too! Now I can get back to designing & scrapping (for a very special 'event', lol - as promised yesterday, will tell you about it later).


Oh, can you believe it THURSDAY already? My, how time flies... I'd better get to work now or I'd be blog hopping & get lost in the world wide web!


Have a great week!



Wow Z! Love those pictures. I'm trying to get a job in Singapore now. I hope I can meet up with you in the far future LOL :) The only time I went to Malaysia was in the late 90's and we only went to Johor :)

teacher jessy

Haha! You have finally posted the photos. I have not posted at my blog yet. LOL!

So when are u gonna start scrapping with papers? We can scrap together ;)


That is so awesome that you got to meet those girls. How exciting!

You have to try paper scrapping. Messy but cathartic. :)

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