Sneak peek ;)








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Hey!! I want more than just a little sneak peek!!! :D


Duh! I already know what it is... ::slapping forehead with palm:: I'm off to take some of that ginko stuff (whatever it's called)! My memory is in serious need of some help!LOL


Hi Z,

Sorry to hear of your sister woes... I have a similar situation, except it's my DH's two brothers. They've not even bothered to meet my children. The only thing to do... is dwell on the good things - sadly, she is missing out on such a good relationship. Poor her. As for you, you hang in there. :)

Thanks for the Heather Nichols inspiration. Love it. My hybrid team and I are ready to rock the boat over at SM, so if you're coming up with anything hybrid, we can highlight the product for ya. Let me know.

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