Watching You Grow




I have so many photos of Ika - since she was a baby and till she grows up today. 3 days ago, when she came to our house & stayed (for the wedding reception), I kept feeling sentimental about this whole growing up thing.

During the reception, my cousin's little girl, Nadia (2 years old) and another cousin's little boy, Aman (3 years old) were there too.  They're the best of friends EVER. Aman wouldn't eat until Nadia ate at his table too. He was so excited when he saw Nadia - he was grinning the whole night & feeding him was a breeze for his mum.

I'm still sentimental about the kids...honestly, I can barely wait to see them grow up, go to school.. I'm eager to see them in the next chapter of their life. I hope we'll still be as close as we are today. I love them so much, they're very dear to me. Everytime I hold them, I feel a magical feeling inside me. I don't know what it is but I think they're special - TRULY SPECIAL.



Supplies list:
Feelin' Frosty by Krystal Hartley
Embellished Stitches by O.N. Designs
Alphas from Lil' Stinker by Krystal Hartley (black)
and Shimmer & Sparkle by Theresa Hernandez (silver)



**ps: I think this Feelin' Frosty kit by Krystal rocks. It's winter-themed but perfect for any photos, really. One of the kits that you'll keep in your to-go supplies. I highly recommend it!



that's a great page! wonderfulll!!


What a beautiful page! I love the layout of the cutey photos. I am definetly going to have to lift that on. You are so talented.

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